Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"T, L, K, and X". What Does it Spell? "H-U-R-T".....

.....if you don't check shoes!

Teehee! I just have to smile! I was getting the 3 of us ready to run some errands yesterday morning. We'd almost finished getting ready and all I needed was my shoes.

Instead of just sliding my shoes on like I do sometimes, I peeked inside them before I put them on.

It's a good thing too! Somehow, someway, some little hands dropped some of the alphabet in my shoes!

They are magnets to go on the refrigerator, so I think that woulda hurt a little! One was in one of my shoes. There were about 4 crammed into the other one around the toes! (I'd wondered where those letters went.....)

It really IS funny! You just never know what you're gonna find where around this house.

I've stepped on plastic giraffes. I've found all KINDS of things in my cabinets!

I've found crayon marks on my windows and floors!

But it doesn't really bother me. I'm glad I have a little guy in my life TO mark on my windows and floors!

I just take pictures and in a couple of days, clean it up.

I'm sure he'll teach his little brother well. Justin TOTALLY watches everything Joshua does!

So I"m in for QUITE a ride!!

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