Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tricky Little Big Man!

This morning we lay there in bed kinda late. It had to be around 7:30am when Justin woke us up because he was ready to eat.

I normally take care of him during those wee hours between 12 midnight and 6am, but lately I've asked my husband to take care of the last feeding. Today it was at 7:30am.

While he was fixing the bottle, I lay there still a bit pooped since I've had quite a challenging week.

Then he was startled by little feet coming up behind him. They were not my feet. They were not Justin's feet, of course. They were Josh's! How did he get out of bed?!?!

I had to laugh as my husband took him into his room for Josh to show him exactly how he got out!

Yeah, he's in a toddler bed, but we've had to rig the bed because he's a very, and I mean VERY active sleeper. The bed is pushed to the wall. The right side against one wall, the foot at the other wall. There's the headboard, and then the other side of the bed has a short guard rail and a bumper guard filling in the gap. At the bumper guard there is a big pillow so he won't roll out. Which he did the other morning.

My husband asked him how he did it and at first Josh wouldn't reveal his secret. I think it was because he thought he was in trouble. When he wouldn't tell us, I told him he was NOT in trouble, but we were curious.

So he proceeded to show his daddy his trick. He moved the big pillow, crawled under the bumper guard, and slid down feet first.

hmm. Ok. Now I'm going to REALLY need a video camera in his room because he could be getting up ANYtime!

I told him tonight to stay in the bed all night and when he wakes up, if he sees the sun coming up, then he could get out of the bed.

We'll see if that works and I'll update later!

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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh how funny!!!

I just read your previous post and girl, I'm praying. I know all to well what it's like to walk the road of uncertianty. Please keep me updated! I'm praying hard for you all!!