Saturday, July 19, 2008

Such a Challenging Week! Emotionally........

I hardly know where to begin with this one. It's been a week. God has been GOOD getting me through it. He's always faithful! I don't know what would've happened if I had not prayed each day.

One day this week, Monday I think, I had got my babies in the car and had to run back in for one more thing. As I locked the door, my foot decided that it wasn't going to the very next step. It decided to go a few steps down.

Which means I went flying! And landed on my left knee, then landed on my left side.

hmmm. Ok. That hurt. I didn't hit my head, and my arms and hands were not skinned up.

I looked as I fell and saw my right shoe fly off and somehow my big toe bent back. So here I have one banged up knee and one banged up toe.

I told God, "Ok, You're gonna have to get me up cause this hurts." And there's no one else except for my babies who are in the car and they couldn't help me even if they were out. I'm just so glad I prayed before I walked out the door because it could have easily been my head that I hit.

I got up and got inside my van and drove off. To the bank. To Walmart. I got confused at the bank, but at least THIS time, I managed to give them back their container. The previous trip to the bank landed the teller ticked off at me because I accidentally drove off with the container that we send up the pipe to do transactions. I drove off with it because I asked when the money was going to be posted and she said that night. I deposited that money before the deadline I thought so why would it go in after midnight? I needed that money for my next visit which was WalMart. When I realized I had it, I had to turn around and put it back. She gave me a "look." Oh boy.

Thinking about when my deposit would post made me forget to put the container thingee back in the holder.

But I drifted into the week before. Back to this week. Josh and Justin and I have mostly good days but this week was a little more challenging.

Josh has got to where if you tell him to do something, he just stands there. Then if you tell him NOT to do something, he just stands there and THEN he does it anyway.

I'm on earth am I going to teach this child to do what I ask of him? He needs to learn to do it and do it quickly or not do it quickly because I think of what if this was an emergency situation and he doesn't do what I say. It could be a matter of life or death!

Then yesterday, I was of course back at Walmart to pick up MORE bread, MORE milk, turkey, dogfood, and a gift for some friends of ours who are getting married in September. But I was there with only $42 I could spend. I made one wrong move as far as what I put in the cart and on the register belt. That caused me to go over $42 and I wasn't able to put some of the other stuff on the belt that I needed. I'm doing all this trying to make sure Josh kept his shoes on. He'd been trying to take them off the entire visit to WalMart.

When I got almost out the door, I realized of course we now only had one of Josh's shoes. The greeter helped me look inside my cart, then she had someone look for it where I checked my groceries out. Sure enough, she found it. Got in the car, drove down the road almost on empty. Ok. No gas and no gas money. This is not good.

But we got home safe and sound.

It has been challenging. But I thank God for taking care of us. I thank God that we have our home, food to eat, and clothes to wear. He makes sure I don't hit my head! He's been good to us. He's brought me through almost 36 yrs and I know He won't quit now.

Thank You Lord for Your mercy and grace. Thank You for your patience when I don't do as I'm told sometimes or do something I shouldn't. Just like Josh. Thank You that You are perfect and know what needs to be done to get me to do as You ask. Please help me to be like You and know how to work with my own children.

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