Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a BUNCH of stuff!

My 2 little men have really been trying to keep this mommy on her toes this past week. There have been tricks pulled, progress made, and more tricks pulled.

Did I say tricks?

I learned quickly a while back with Justin that I need to buckle him in his bouncy seat. I guess that's why they put buckles, huh? Well, with Joshua I didn't need to buckle him in. He was just so laid back except for 1 time when he tried to just slide out.

Justin learned 2 or 3 months ago that he could roll over in his seat and then "kneel" at it. Meaning, his knees were on the floor and his arms and body was in his seat. He looked like he was praying. That's how I start

But his most recent little move was last week. I had him buckled. Yep I did. I stepped into the living for a couple of minutes and when I walked back to the dining area where he was, I found him UPSIDE DOWN! And still buckled. I'm thinking, "Whoa! This child's an acrobat!"

Apparently, he saw something in front of his bouncy seat that intrigued him. So he decided to GO for it which would mean he leaned over. The way he landed makes me believe that he was leaning so hard over the front of the seat that when he wiggled his leg, the only place for it was up!

So his feet were up where his head should've been, and his face was down where his foot should've been.

After I got over the initial shock, I heard a clang come from the other part of the house. Then I saw Joshua at the end of our hallway looking at me and he has his 2nd drawer from his desk in his arms. With his books still in it.

If anyone has ever tried to take out a drawer with books still in it, then you know that the drawers are heavy.

So now I have an acrobat and a muscle man!

Next stunts. Joshua has been getting up early in the mornings. Well, this particular idea is not a stunt. It's a good thing. But it's good at 7:00 - 7:30am. Not 4am and 5am.

He woke up a couple of mornings, opened his bedroom door AND closed it (which lets me know he's awake), and comes to us. Wide awake. He's ready to play! And we're not. We're still asleep. His daddy takes him back to his room where he doesn't really want to go because he knows that his daddy will get in his bed while he (Josh) is in it. And Josh doesn't LIKE for daddy to get in his bed.

My better half told me that he believes Josh told him to "get out." "Crowded!" Because it's a twin bed. My husband does that because it's still early and he has to do some physically demanding work during the day.

Now. Last night or should I say VERY early this morning, like around 2:30am, I hear the door slam back there. My husband was just far enough in his sleep that when he heard that, he said "Did you hear that?" And he was totally awake because he was convinced our house was being broke into.

I said, "It's Josh." And we waited. And he came to us and didn't say a word, but he put his head down on the bed. I asked him if he wanted to get into bed with us. He crawled in and didn't say a word. I began to believe he was sleep walking. But then when my husband went to put him back in his bed, he found out that Josh was awake. My husband lay back down.

Josh lay there really still then turned over to look at me and said "Get train." Then he closed his eyes again.

After he lay there a couple of minutes, he got up and went to the couch and got his Thomas the Tank.

Ok. I explained that it was still very early. Everyone's still asleep. The sun hasn't come up yet. And I said I'd take him back to his room. And Thomas the Tank too.

He got in bed and wanted me to sit in the big popazanne (or however you spell it) chair in his room. That was easy, but he wanted me to "read." I told him it was too early.

Then he wanted "Milk." Now that I could do. I went to the kitchen and got his milk, took it back to him, and told him that that was all he needed and after he finished he needed to lay down.

After about an hour, I got up out of the chair. This was around 3:30am and I lay back down to try to finish sleeping. But I also knew that it was almost time for Justin to be fed. I was down about 15 minutes when I heard the little man. So I got up, fed him, made sure he was burped and back to sleep, and then I lay back down about 4:20am.

I'm debating on what time today to have the grandparents up here to watch them while I sleep!

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