Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Found Out How They Felt!

After about 2 1/2 yrs, I've started playing the piano at a church again. I started playing for churches when I was 10 yrs old. Then when I was 33, I became a mommy.

After 23 years, I felt I needed to focus on the miracle baby God gave me, and just sit back and let someone else practice with the choir and deal with the complaints, and then play for the services on Sunday a.m., p.m., and Wednesdays. I loved to play because thats the gift God gave me, but over time and particular exasperating experiences, I managed to burn out.

Well, maybe not totally because during this 2 1/2 yrs, I felt still a little flicker. Then God fanned it. Again. And He opened a door for me to help out the young lady at the church I've been going to ever since I was 8 months pregnant with my first son. She is due with her first baby next month.

I've never asked to play. Someone there told her that I did play before and then a couple of months ago, she came to me and asked if I'd be interested in helping while she's on her 6 weeks maternity leave.

And I was interested. She asked me to practice and start playing with them this past week to get me warmed up with them instead of me just coming in when she's out. The tricky part was that my sons have always known me to be sitting/standing with them during church, not at a piano away from them.

So Justin did well because he's only 8 months old. Joshua on the other hand was a little upset. The lady that said she would help my husband with them in church came in to take Joshua, but he'd have no part of it. And he goes to her alot. But not this particular Sunday.

He lay down on the seats and slept. Then, I happened to glance up from the piano and noticed my husband and Joshua were gone. So when the music portion of the service was over, I went into the foyer and found out Joshua had been crying. So I took him and we went back into the service and he actually sat in my lap the entire time. On most Sundays, he's occupied. He wants to be active!

That Sunday night, my husband stayed home with the boys while I went to church to practice. Service started at 6:30pm. I told them that I'd probably be leaving early on Sunday nights due to the boys' bedtime routine. And it's hard for one person to get 2 boys in bed.

When I got home, I found my husband about to pull out his pretty brown hair. I found Justin in the highchair upset, and I found Josh on the couch asleep at 7:15pm not ready for bed and not full from supper. HE WOULDN'T EAT. He cried for an hour after I left and fell asleep crying. I took Justin and went over to the couch where Josh was lying. He looked at me confused. So anyway, I gave Justin to my husband and took Josh. Then Justin started crying again.

I told Josh he needed to eat and I took Justin and proceeded to make supper for Joshua.

I hate that my husband had a hard time. But then there's that mommy part of me that was glad that my babies missed me.

It was good to get back into playing the piano. Actually, it's more than playing. It's being able to use the tool God gave me for a praise and worship service where God is allowed to do whatever He wants to do whenever He wants to do it. He's not boxed in. He took over the Sunday morning service and people were delivered/set free from "chains" that bound them down.

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