Monday, November 17, 2008

His first haircut!

I'd been a bit antsy about my littlest big man who was soon going to need his very first haircut. Joshua's first haircut, he didn't want to sit in the seat by himself, but when he sat in our lap, he was very still. The stylists were in awe with how well behaved he was.

But Justin's personality is different. He's very active and all I could see in my mind was him sitting in either my husband's or my lap and wanting down the whole time. I could see him turning from side to side trying to see what the stylist was doing. I could see his hair gapped up because he just would NOT be still!

Well, we took Justin to JCPenny's hairsalon today. All 4 of us went.

When we got there, my husband looked at the back of Joshua's pants and they were soaked! Not because of a diaper leak, but because he accidentally spilled his drink down the side of his carseat down toward his pants. I asked the lady there if they had a dryer and I was thinking hair dryer. Little did I know that she would take me to a clothes dryer. I had no clue there was a washer and dryer there, but it all makes sense now!

Anyway, I drift.

The sweet stylist got Justin a booster seat. To my surprise, he sat in it. Also to my surprise, he didn't keep turning and turning like I'd pictured in my brain. He sat for the most part still. He looked up at her a time or so and got her tickled, but he was basically still. He didn't try to get down. He didn't cry.

He sat there looking cute as could be only looking around at here just a very few times. Of course when he looked at her quickly, she had to move quickly around because she had his hair between her fingers.

To my surprise, his hair was NOT gapped up because of any twisting and turning. She did a beautiful job on his hair and he was a champ!

Of course, we have his first hair that we'll file away just like we did Joshua's hair.

And of course, I took SEVERAL pictures. But they didn't mind. They knew I'm a mommy!!

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Joanna said...

Oh first hair cut! Sigh It goes quick. Glad you took pictures.

Nice to see ya.