Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Long Break. Now, Let's Try Again!

Wow.  Hello again! It's been a few years since I've written about this life with my babies.   And now they are not my tiny little babies.  They are quickly growing up.  *sniff*   I'm glad they are healthy and growing, but still.......   you know the deal.

To update, my babies are 8 yrs old and 6 yrs old now.  We've been through a ton of diapers, formula, sippy cups, straws, and food!    We are still in the same house, but I'm finding that we need to make more space.  Older boys have different toys! The older boys don't play too much with trains and they don't read baby books.   We are now nicely covered in monster trucks, army men, Captain America helmets and shields, and whatever it takes to make them superheroes!! 

I homeschool my boys.   I've been through several curriculums to figure out how they learn the best.   When they were tiny, we used ABC Mouse with a couple of workbooks and readers.   We were then blessed to find a local homeschool co-op that would meet every other Friday.    They taught music, art, science, or community.  There the mothers brought in their used books and I was able to get Abeka books for free or very cheap.  So those books were mixed in the curriculum.   Then I set them up with Time4Learning.    This is an online curriculum.   It covers every subject in an animated style to hold the boys attention.  We still had a few workbooks tossed in there.    Now, we are using Abeka DVDs/textbooks/workbooks.   This allows them to see a classroom setting, see the teacher and students, interact to a point, and do their workbooks. Their favorite subject so far is Bible.

The homeschool co-op that I mentioned before schedules field trips each year.    We've been down the Augusta Canal on their small boat and been through their museum.    We've been to Artsy Me which is a place that has what I'd call "raw" pottery.    Anyone can go in, pick a piece of pottery, pick their colors, and sit at a table and paint.   It's actually quite relaxing.   For Mother's Day, we picked some tiles for my boys to paint.   They painted the background a light color, then put their "painted" hands on the tile for nice handprints.     I think next time my youngest son wants the "hamburger" pottery to paint.     As long as he doesn't try to eat it, I think we'll be fine.  :)   We've been to the Morris Museum of Art.   We're also planning to go bowling soon as the last homeschool co-op trip.

There is plenty more to come.   There has been so much happen and it's gonna take a while to get caught up!!  

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