Thursday, July 31, 2014

One day, I will have all my ducks in a row, have a clean house, and be organized.    I wish it could be now, but I'm trying to figure out do I just accept it or just keep trying.....   The life here would be more peaceful if it was nice and orderly.   The only thing I can halfway manage to do is keep the clothes washed and keep loads of dishes rolling.   Other times, I look around and it's an immediate turnoff to try.   I don't know if it's an attention disorder or what.  I just look and get overwhelmed, so I don't do anything.  LOL    That's just honesty.

We will be starting our "schooling" next week even though we are doing a couple things until then.   I wanted my boys to learn cursive and get a little better with how quickly they do the basic addition, etc.   When we start up, they'll be just a little better with it all.  

My youngest son, Justin (6), is really, and I mean REALLY, into superheros.     I try to keep it on the safer level by just doing the old Batman from 1966.  I don't have to worry a whole lot about stuff that year that is sneaked into the newer versions.   Same goes for Superman.  We kinda stick with the George Reeves Superman.    It's pretty safe.    I'm just picky about some of that stuff.   When they have ratings of PG and PG13, I don't even go there because there's stuff they don't really need to hear.   It looks all first.   Then, NOT.   They understand that "whatsoever is good and of good report, think on these things."     I realize that at times 1966 is a little weird, but not NEARLY as weird as the 1990s and 2000s.   Right now, I enjoy watching Justin come into the kitchen to save me and clobber the enemies.   He pulls me close and says that we're flying.  :)   For that one minute, I feel like I actually am flying away from my adult problems.    I enjoy looking at things through my boys eyes.

Joshua and Justin are very different in wonderful ways.  Joshua (8) is very detailed, loves to put things together AND take them apart.    Every now and then, he doesn't get them back together.   He has to know how something works.   He really isn't interested in alot of pretend.   The only reason he pretends sometimes is that his little brother DOES and needs someone to pretend with.  Josh is good with math and writes pretty well, but he has a tougher time with spelling.   Justin on the other hand has a tougher time with math.   He IS a good speller though.   You know how he learned to spell?  Google.    He's researched his interests at 4 yrs old and he learned to spell!   He does know his phonics,  he can sound out words, and is an amazing reader.

Alot of people worry about "socialization."   I don't.  I actually attended a private school and I was so scared.....scared to talk, scared to answer questions, etc.   My boys like to make friends and they act respectfully.   

Some people worry that their chilldren will not learn how to act in a room full of people.   People say "don't talk to strangers," then they get upset when a stranger speaks to them and the child does NOT speak.  hmmm.    I think what the parents need to worry about is bad influences, bad manners. And THAT can come from over-doing it socializing.  If you worry about socialization and just put them out there, you may wish in the long run you hadn't done that.  

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