Saturday, January 27, 2007

BedTime Routine/Morning Routine

BEDTIME ROUTINE Right now since I do work outside the home, I get home around 5:30 or 6pm. By then, Joshua is starting to wind down for the day. I feed him his supper (Gerbers jarred veggies), and a 6oz bottle of milk. I put him in his exercauser or walker so he can poop (he's pretty active in either one so it helps things go "south.") After that, I give him a bath, brush his teeth (has 8), let him kiss daddy goodnight and we go to the nursery. I have some stuffed animals, books, etc in there that he quietly plays with while I hold him. I say a prayer with him, sing to him, and 95% of the time he goes on to sleep.

MORNING ROUTINE: I get myself ready for work, maybe get a load of laundry done, either unload or load the dishwasher. It's according.... I'll get Joshua's bottles ready for the day. Some mornings, I go ahead and get Joshua from his crib and change his diaper and clothes and get him ready for Daddy to take over.

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