Saturday, January 27, 2007

Feeding and the C Word............

FEEDING and CONSTIPATION: I know those of you who are reading this are probably wondering why he's eating jarred baby food at 11 mo. He doesn't do well with textured/lumpy foods. He gags and sometimes he throws it back up. So I don't push him. If I push him, we'll both get frustrated. I tried the other week to smush up the tiniest bit of a banana and put in his Stage 3 fruit. Didn't work. He did like he was choking. So I said ok. I'll just wait and try again later. He loves to eat, but not something lumpy right now. For the first 8 months or so, Joshua drank about 40 oz of milk a day. From about 8 1/2 - 11 mo, he's been drinking about 24 oz a day. We found out early on about his constipation. Rice cereal contributes to it. After a few months, we changed him to oatmeal. We added jarred prunes to it. And if he needed an extra something to really get him going good, we'd mix about 2 oz of pear juice to 2 oz of water and give it to him. Not long after, he was cured!!

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