Monday, January 29, 2007


Wow! Can that baby fly!! Whether he's crawling or in his walker, he can go from 0 - 60 in 2 seconds!! I can put him on the living room floor to crawl, and by the time I go into the kitchen to do something, he's at my kitchen step! He learned the other week how to get that little knee up there and come up into the kitchen with me. He has learned to do the 3-pt turn in his walker! I think all he needs is the backup horn. He looks behind him, backs up, and then goes forward with some major speed and then kicks his legs back to coast!

Diapering and changing clothes is definitely a challenge for this first time mom. Since he's a baby on the move, whether I'm changing a diaper or changing clothes, he hates to be on his back. I have to give him some kind of toy or something that I think would keep his attention. Sometimes I'm in the middle of wiping poop and he flips over, so there it is staring me in the face! It's pretty funny...... Ok, then I hurry and try to get it off and flip him back over before anything else happens.

Speaking of a baby on the move, he's been on about 4 trips to the mountains since he's been here. At first, he hated that car seat. Oh man, he cried. We'd be going along and sometimes he'd fall asleep, but he'd wake up and get upset! Then if I had to go into our supercenter, I was always nervous because he didn't like to sit in his carseat while in the buggy. Our carseat was too big for the front part so he had to ride down inside the cart. Finally we just would get him out and let him look around. That was soooo much better. He just had to see what was going on around him. Anyway, back to the mountain trips. We figured out the way to get him calmed down inside the hotel room was to turn on the hairdryer. I know the people on the hall would wonder why on earth it took us so long to dry our hair. But that wasn't the case.....we were not drying our hair. We were letting him listen to the hairdryer. He'd calm down and go to sleep. We came up with the idea of the hairdryer because at home everytime we were walking Joshua down the hall by the bathroom that had the "poot fan" in it, he'd get quiet. So anytime he was upset, I'd just take him to the bathroom and let him listen to fan. Well, at the hotel in the mountains, that bathroom didn't have a fan. So the hairdryer was a good substitute! Of course we didn't let it run all night; just long enough for him to fall asleep. Now, we've substituted the fan for a CD player! It plays all the time!

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