Monday, February 5, 2007

Dr. Pepper anyone?!

The other day, my husband and I had planned a "date" night. So I called my parents to see if they could come over and watch Joshua. While my husband and I were discussing (over the phone since I was at work at the time) our "date" night to get the where, when, etc established, all of a sudden I hear my husband say "oh nooooooo." He told me that my son had just walked over to the table (in his walker) and got the Dr. Pepper that was sitting on the edge of the table. He picks it up, and turns it completely upside down!! Went all over him, the walker, the floor, etc! All I could do was laugh!! At least it was on the lenoleum and not the carpet... ya know? My husband had to re-dress Joshua, clean the floor, clean the table, and get himself ready all in just a few short minutes because my parents were about to arrive at any moment at the house to take care of Joshua. Anyway, a little while later, we were able to get to Macaroni Grill for our date. This was the first time that I was not home to give Joshua supper, brush his teeth, and put him to bed. Someone else did and that makes me feel jealous....but that's another upcoming post.

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