Monday, February 5, 2007

Is it that time already?!?

It's hard to believe that Joshua will soon be 1 year old. Seems like yesterday I woke up at 3 something a.m. because he was getting ready to make his debut!

We've been trying to figure out what on earth we could do for his birthday. I thought we had a place to celebrate, then we didn't. Then I thought we had another place we could have his party, but that didn't work either. I didn't want to have it at our house or the parents or parents-in-law's house. I didn't want to have it at Chucky Cheese. Too far for everyone to travel to. So it looks like we're back to having it where I didn't want to have it.....our house! Basically I didn't want to have it there because our house is small and we had about 35 people we wanted to invite for this special boy's special day. But.... we'll do what we have to do! May turn out better than I expected. He'll be comfortable in his own home. We'll narrow down the list of 35 to 8 or 10. This aught to be's the first time that both sets of parents have been in the same room for a celebration.

We'll go to one of the dollar stores around here for decorations. Right now, we plan to have chicken wings, turkey and provolone sandwiches, chips, dips, and Coke/Dr. Pepper/etc. And of course the cake! That's all for the adults. I'm not quite sure just yet what Mr. Josh will eat. :o)

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