Wednesday, March 14, 2007

bbrrumm bbrrumm

Joshua has been making this sound quite a bit in the last few days. I was thinking at first he was just making the "bbrrumm bbrrumm" sound like a truck or car. You know, vrrrrrrroooooom! But the more I studied him, he made the sound then looked at his balloons! We have a couple of his birthday balloons still up out of reach on a table in the living room. We also have a Valentine's Day balloon up in our bedroom. Either one he sees, he says bbrrumm bbrrumm!

The only other time I wondered about his new found sound was yesterday when he was eating one of his meals. I had finished giving him his bottle (yes, he drinks from it still. He hasn't shown interest yet in doing it himself or using a sippy.) When I lowered the bottle, he leaned waaay over his tray of his highchair, pooted, sat back down, looked at me and said bbrrumm!! I HAD to laugh!

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