Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ochoo Part II

I took off work yesterday to take Joshua to the Dr. I was mainly worried about the cough. I did damage years ago coughing so much! Anyway, the Dr. basically told me to continue what I was doing which is giving him 1/4 tsp of Pediatrics Robitussin every 6 hours. He told me to add Tylenol to the list of medicine. He said antibiotics dont work with colds.....that really colds are going to have to run their course.

Joshua was so good while the Dr was poking around on him. He just lay there and let him look in his nose, ears, thump on his chest and stomach.

We gave him the Tylenol Infant Drops when we got home. We gave him the Pediatrics Robitussin (Nighttime) around 8:30pm. He slept all night and woke up perky this morning. When he woke up, he wasn't coughing and didn't have a runny nose.

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