Monday, March 19, 2007

How bout THIS for a Monday!

I have to say my Monday was interesting. Seemed to be a small whirlwind of basically minor events, but just enough to make you say "argh!"

I woke up and I was still on the couch! I fell asleep there last night. The last thing I remember telling my husband was that I'd be to bed shortly.......But I woke up on the couch around 5am, just in time to get up for work, but I snoozed for another hour and got up around 6am and started getting ready. Bath, makeup, dress.......Along the way I saw stuff that needed doing. Clothes needed to be off the bathroom floor. Bottles need to be prepared. "Stuff" needed to be trashed. I had a headache so I put 4 Excedrin in a ziplock and had it ready to take with me. Well, I ended up forgetting my Excedrin. At work, I was looking forward to my oatmeal. Went to the refrigerator and my butter was gone. Ok, well I have cereal in my cabinet along with sugar. I put it in a bowl and took it down to the kitchen where I opened my milk and it was sour! Tried to eat dry cereal, but just couldn't stomach it! What's for breakfast. I ended up eating some Ritz crackers! YAY! Got me some water and bummed 2 Excedrin off a co-worker! Around lunchtime, I went to the freezer and got out a frozen dinner I was looking forward to trying. I heated it up and tried it. Not quite was I expected and couldn't stomach that one either! Went back to the freezer and pulled out my handy dandy frozen slice of pizza. We have a winner!

Got home and started supper. I had some neat Teryaki salmon in a pack. I'd never seen it before until the other day and thought I'd try it. Got out my Idahoan instant potatoes and for some reason my brain couldn't comprehend the directions!! Decided to go at it own my own. The disorganized person that I am, I landed up dropping some of the potato flakes on the VERY hot unit and thought my unit was going to catch fire! Well, anyway, I had enough potatoes for 100 people!! Well, maybe I exaggerate a little, but we definitely had enough potatoes!

We ate while I fed my little man (who by the way turns 13 mo Tuesday). I give him his bath, medicine, and brush his teeth (and he manages to chomp my poor ol' finger). I take him to the nursery and read to him/let him play with the books. I think he was so tired he was mad at the books! He opened, closed, turned it around, slammed them (with my finger in between the pages), and finally I gave him a little tag that came off an outfit of his. He started playing with it, poked it on my nose, and he grinned! He made my day all better!!

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