Friday, March 16, 2007

Putting on my RUNNING shoes!

I tell ya, I've heard people talk about putting on their running shoes and running after their very active child, but it's another thing to actually experience it myself! Oh, and my husband.....he's REALLY experiencing it since he's staying at home with Joshua (biggest job) and working outside the home part time. He's constantly after him. Since Joshua has mastered and is an expert crawler, has achieved top status with steps, and is trying to nail down walking, we have really been on our toes. He crawls at lightning speed thru the dining room, up the step to the kitchen, heads toward the trash can (of COURSE), turns back around and decides to see what's in the cabinet. He looks inside, but is more intrigued with the sound the door makes when he closes it. Open, close, open, close, open, slam! On and on! Then crawl on thru the kitchen and when he gets to the step, wiggles on his tummy down to the main floor. Then he drag races up to the utility room, in front of the washer, then in front of the dryer, where I've chased him and swung him up in my arms and tells him we have to re-route!

Now, I do have to say he's good at the word "no." We say "no" and he stops and looks at us and goes to do something else. Thank the Good Lord he does understand that!

What's funny tho is I was here at work the other day and on the phone with my husband. He was telling me something and all of a sudden "click!" Well, he called me back and I was laughing because I knew what'd happened. Then he's trying to finish telling me what he started telling me before and then there's another "click". Our son was investigating the phone and decided to take his sweet little finger and push that one little button. There's something about when you get on the phone how a little person just decides he's going to have a hayday! It's wonderful tho! I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Cyndi said...

"I wouldn't trade it for anything!"

Yes! These times are precious. I'm so glad you are cherishing them. And, no, you won't sit down anytime soon, LOL. :)