Thursday, April 26, 2007

His Brand New Trick!

The other evening at home my husband was making some MUCH NEEDED tea. You know how with Lipton tea, there is a wrapper and little tags? Well, I decided to use that (since we were ALL in the kitchen anyway) and teach my 14 mo old Joshua how to put stuff in the trashcan. I took a little wrapper, tossed it in the trash, and told him what I was doing. After a few times doing that, I gave him a wrapper and told him to put it in the trash. He hesitated. I don't think it worked that day. Then later, we tried again, but with some other "trash....." like some OTHER kind of paper. It took him a minute, BUT he got it in the trash. This morning, we were all up a little earlier than normal. Joshua was playing in the living room and found a small piece of paper on the living room floor. He picked it up, walked to the dining room, went up the step to the kitchen, went to the TRASH CAN, and put it in all by himself! I didn't even tell him too. That's pretty doggone good! It's also a bit scary............ I'm going to have to make sure all the REAL important stuff is out of my little man's case he decides he wants to put my KEYS in the trash........or that ELECTRIC much as I really don't like to see ANY bills, but you know it don't work like that....................just so you'll know......................

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