Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My head just hasn't been up to it.

It's been several days since I've last posted. We've just had several "issues" at the house! Not bad, but just challenging. This past Thursday, I got home from work to find our son with a fever and very red cheeks!! As I was holding him, he just went limp. I'm thinking, he never does this. Then he raised back up, then plopped on my shoulder again. He just plain out looked like he didn't feel well, so I proceeded to hold him and fix supper (a chicken and macaroni and cheese pie). Then I remembered that there is ONE way to tell EXACTLY how he's feeling: feed him. He ate rather well. So, he's not too sick, but just yucky enough to fuss a little which is what I do when I don't feel well. I fuss because I've got tooooo much to do to get sick. Actually, so does he. He's busy around the house inspecting things. Walking, running, crawling, getting into cabinets, crawling up and down steps (only one step actually).

I had decided to stay home with Joshua the next day while my husband went out of town for a few hours. So it was during that time that I called the doctor to see what they said about the fever and the cheek thing. She said to really watch that because there's a chance the next thing could be a rash on the back of his arms or legs which would mean a viral infection which would mean that they really couldn't give him anything. A viral infection would just have to run it's course. Thank goodness I never saw a rash like she was talking about.

Then one of the previous days (you know how the days can all muddle together if ya don't watch), Joshua had fallen asleep on me after he ate supper. Well, after supper I always go ahead and give him a bath. Well, I took him to the bathroom, sat him on my lap, and started the water. He didn't budge. I took his clothes off. He didn't budge but just a teeny bit. My husband actually put him in his tub (since it's kinda hard for me to do that right now) and Joshua was STILL asleep. Poor little thing..........

But yesterday, Joshua started coughing. Uh-oh. Then here comes the sneezing that says we have a problem. The kind of sneezing that everytime he sneezes you have to grab tissues, and QUICK! EVERYTIME.

But I know that he'll be ok soon and running around there getting into everything as always! Which really doesn't bother me too bad. He keeps me exercising! I can't sit on my behind for long because he's got THINGS to do and PEOPLE to see; therefore, so do I!

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