Friday, April 27, 2007

Special Time with my Little Man...........

I went home a little early yesterday since my husband had to go to work. Joshua and I went to WalMart since there were just a few items I needed. Everything turned out good. He was good. I even got him a couple more pairs of pajamas. And not sleepers either. He's ALWAYS worn sleepers, BUT he's figuring out how to unsnap and unzip. So, it's time for the BIG boy pajamas. No snaps, no zippers. Just plain out ol' pjs. A shirt and matching pants. I'm sure he's going to learn soon how to get THAT off, but oh well.....that's a growing boy for ya!

Anyway, we got back home and he played a little, but I needed to start getting supper ready. I had bought some steak and good ol' potatoes so I could make mashed potatoes from scratch. Well, I had to resort to putting Mr. Josh in the highchair. I gave him some toys and a book, but in 2 seconds they landed in the floor. I was mid-way through slicing onions and peppers to put in the skillet with the steak, when he started letting me know he was NOT a happy camper. So after I got all that underway, minus the potatoes, I fed him. After that, he was ALL smiles and looking out our doors pointing and saying "bu, bu". There were the biggest birds outside!

My husband comes in and while he takes over preparing supper, I take Joshua to get a bath. I washed his hair. I love that time giving him a bath. He splashes and we play some. Well, we got out and I went ahead and put his pajamas on. I hadn't dried his hair yet, because there's just SOMEthing about having your son in a towel on your lap drying his hair that causes you to all of a sudden have a "warm sensation" come over your leg...... Normally the hairdryer jumpstarts his "plumbing", so I dress him first. ANYway, after I dressed him, I took him back to dry his hair. I love to do that. He sits there and plays with a tube of "something" while I dry. I parted it and styled it.

Anyway, I guess the part that melted me was when we finished, I turned him toward the mirror. The look he had on his face was priceless. He just stared at himself smiling. Then I nuzzled up next to his face and he was still smiling. He'd smile at me and smile at himself. He let me nuzzle and kiss on him. He'd look at me, put his forehead on my forehead, and close his eyes. Then, he'd look in the mirror again and smile. I love his little smile. Then he let me nuzzle and kiss him some more! I was hoping that moment would last forever! Little boys...... there's just SOMEthing about 'em.

It was finally time to go say "nite, nite" to Daddy. We all prayed there in the hallway and then went back to the nursery. We barely finished that first book when he turned his head to the side and just went on to sleep. Sweet Dreams, My Little Man........................


Melissa R. Garrett said...

Hi LeAnne! Thank you so much for visiting me at Little Woolgatherings the other day :-) I apologize for not having responded earlier, but the stomach bug reared its nasty head (again) and I was down for the count yesterday.

I enjoyed reading your profile ~ I love a good potroast and all the veggies (not to mention Girl Scout cookies, too!). And your post about giving Joshua a bath reminded me of when my own son was a wee one. Even though he is now five and can bathe and dress himself (when he is not to lazy!) there is something about snuggling a fresh and clean smelling kid that makes your heart swell.

I hope to have you back often! :-)

kristjana said...

That was so sweet! It reminds me of those priceless days with my little guy. You sound like a great mom!