Sunday, April 29, 2007

And we have a winner!!

We have finally found a toddler snack that my 14 mo just LOVES.......almost as much as his milk. While I was at WalMart yesterday, I saw a lady in the aisle giving out samples. I actually tried one's like a puffy cheese puff, not the real thin ones, and dissolves really fast, but gives him enough time to chew and have fun with the crunch! It's a healthy snack from Gerbers:

"Gerbers Graduates for Toddlers, Lil Crunchies, baked corn snack, mild cheddar. It's made with 100% while grain corn with 30% less sodium than leading cheese snacks!"

When I got one out for him to try, he was a little skeptical. But after he got that first bite in him, he shook everytime I got one out! He was SO excited!! I didn't think I'd ever see him like something as much as he loves milk.

I only gave him a very few, then I had to hide the can. Well, I thought it was hid....he found it, tried to get the lid off, and then brought it TO me!

Looks like this little can will be a permanent member of my family!!

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