Monday, May 14, 2007

3 Day Weekend

Yeah!! I had a 3 day weekend! I took off Friday to spend the day with Joshua while my husband worked.

Joshua is such a little stinker....such company.....ALWAYS entertaining! I've learned that if I need an extra backrub during the day, he can do it George Jefferson style. You remember the Jefferson's and how during the theme song, you'd catch George on Bently's back?? Well, when my husband isn't there, I lay on my stomach in the floor and for some reason Joshua finds it quite interesting. He'll come over, back up, and sit on my back. Now that might not sound like much but when you consider he's about 25 pounds, it's a good bit. Then he'll get up and crawl over my back. One day, he backed up to my HEAD and sat down! I'm like...Ok, that wasn't QUITE what I had in mind. But it WAS pretty funny.

We had quite a big Mother's Day. We went to church in the a.m. They didn't have a p.m. service so everyone could go spend time with "Mamas." Although we had already been over to my parents house the Saturday before Mother's Day, we went back over there Sunday. We also went to my in-laws house Sunday. So each set of grandparents had between 2 and 2 1/2 hours with Joshua, not to mention I didn't have to cook. They wanted to cook!

It really didn't take my "lil'l man" long to go to sleep. He pretty much went to sleep while I was reading to him.

He woke up this morning in a kinda different mood. He seemed a bit upset. When I went in there to get him out of the crib, he wasn't his normal smiley self. It took me a little longer to dress him. I took him in the living room and put him down where he could start playing, but instead, he just stood there and cried. So I picked him up again and just sat with him. We watched his favorite animal DVD. He seemed content to just sit there with me. He finally wiggled around to get down. I may have been running late for work, and I may have only been like half dressed, but the time I got to spend sitting with him this morning was precious. It meant more to me than anything else............

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