Tuesday, May 1, 2007

He Liked Them Sooo Much That............

he fed himself! Those Gerber Lil Crunchie things...... He took one yesterday and plopped it in his mouth. Something he's not shown an interest in doing until now! We'll work on the other food now! I've never pushed him to feed himself because I knew eventually he'd do it. And yesterday, yes. he. did!!

This morning, I got my little guy up. I got his favorite video set up (Little Einstein's World of Animals - or something like that), and let him ease into his day. Everytime he sees the white background, he looks up at me and gives me the biggest smile because he knows the really colorful catapillar is going to crawl across the screen and then his animals are coming on! While his dad and I were folding sheets this morning, Joshua decided to have some fun. It's hard for me to fold up those cottonpickin sheets all by myself. You know how the fitted sheets have elastic? In our house, it takes 2 people to fold those things. Anyway, while we had the sheet up in the air folding it, Joshua decides to run through the sheet with it flopping on his little head! He came out the other side laughing! Normally folding sheets is not my favorite thing, but with Joshua playing, I could've done it all day! It's amazing how a child can make certain dreaded tasks more fun!

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