Monday, May 21, 2007

Table Food Anyone?

Wow. This past week has been amazing as far as what Joshua has decided he wants to eat! It all started when I went to WalMart a month or so ago and found some Gerber Graduate cheese puffs! He was so excited to sink his little teeth into something and hear a crunch. I posted about this previously.

Anyway, one evening this past week, we tried carrots. I'd fixed them up in a pot. He just chomped them right up! The next day, I had stopped by S&S Cafeteria for takeout. In the takeout was baked chicken and mac/cheese, and green beans. He tried the green beans and loved them! He kept wanting more. He'd point. He doesn't SAY more, but he kept pointing and when I didn't get them to him fast enough, he let me know he was upset. The next day or so, we tried the 2 together. He didn't like MY beans. He seems to only like S&S beans. Oh well.... he just made a face like "ewww." I got to figure out how they make them! Then another evening he ate cheese and eggs and something else.

Then yesterday...... I wish I could've captured that moment on camera. I'd made me a grilled cheese sandwich after I got home from church. I'd already fed Joshua. I was holding him in my lap and I went to take a bite out of my sandwich. He opened his mouth wide like a little bird! I really was unsure if he could eat the sandwich. I lowered my sandwich out of his reach (so I thought) and he WENT for it. He grabbed for my sandwich and opened wide! He ate a little piece of it, but that was all I let him have.

Needless to say, last night, I fixed 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich, sliced it in 3 long sections and took off the ends. He ate it and seemed VERY content. He ate 1/2 jar of pears with it and drank some milk. He didn't fuss anymore!

He doesn't seem interested in actually feeding himself right now. So I feed him. I realize that when he gets ready, he'll let me know just like he's let me know everything else!!

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