Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Few Changes

We've made a few changes around our house. We really didn't know how it'd work out. But it comes down to what is really necessary. We got rid of satellite TV and it's turned out great! You may wonder how on earth?? But we only watched about 3 channels of 400 + channels.

One of those channels was TV Land. And most of what is on TV Land has Season DVDs out. You know, like Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Leave It To Beaver, etc. We have those Season Shows. And they are handpicked. We don't have to worry about language that our sons might here. I realize they WILL hear stuff like that one day, but they are so young and so impressionable. I don't want that stuff going in their ears. Joshua actually watches Andy Griffith and he's not quite 2yrs old!

The other channel was SoapNet. Yeah.....bad I know. But the 1 show I watched at night, comes on at 3pm and besides that, I can catch episodes on YouTube! But ya know, I really haven't even watched it at 3pm or on YouTube lately. They were getting a bit out on Mars with their language. Sad. I CAN do without the Soap.

FoodTV! I loved that channel, but it made me WANT! I'd have to go to the store and SPEND! We just keep it simple as far as meals. Every now and then, like this past Friday, we'll go out to eat. It's been SEVERAL months since we've done that.

If there was another channel, it was one my husband watched. Something like History, etc.

So we are doing quite well without the satellite. It isn't as hard as we thought!

We've cut down on our grocery shopping! I haven't got the coupon strategy down pat yet. Some people do and they seem to save even more! Like I said, I haven't got that down pat yet.

With me being at home on maternity leave, we've cut down on gas for our cars! Instead of 2 cars on the road, it's just one because hey, I'm HOME! And if it works out that I can stay at home permanently with my boys, then our insurance will go down.

Yeah, there are cute clothes I'd love to have. I'd love to have bigger bathrooms, a Florida room, new appliances for my kitchen........ but I'm learning to be content with what I have.

I have a good husband, 2 sweet miracles, a roof over my head, and food to eat. God provides in many different ways.

Like for example, while I'm on maternity leave, I still get paid. Even though I'm not at work, my last check was MORE than I ever imagined. I'm on a program where co-workers donate "leave" hours to me so I can still get paid.

A friend of mine gave me clothes for my "almost" 2 yr old. Some of those clothes still had tags. Clothes that her grandson never wore. She's also giving us a toddler bed!

Sometimes being content with what we have is hard. I look around and wish. But I'm learning.......learning that it's not about stuff that we want or think we want. God provides for us what we truly need. And I'm thankful!

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Joanna said...

Good for your LeAnne! Not an easy thing to do. I've had a long road of learning to Trust God.
I have to make sure I don't compare what I have with others because that gives me the I wants bad.

Praying for you and that you guys will have the peace that surpases all understanding and that you'll know what God wants you to do.