Thursday, January 24, 2008

Naptime....What is it?? sweet "little big man"......he's almost 2 yrs old and it's starting now where he really, just really DOES NOT want to take a nap. The only sure fire way for him to nap is for me to take him on a drive across town....maybe not even across town.....sometimes, I just put him in the car seat and back out and he goes to sleep.....hmmm.

If and that's a BIG "IF" he goes to sleep here, it's late in the afternoon close to suppertime when he's fought and fought and just can't take it anymore. Well, I put him in the highchair last night where he played with a 2-liter bottle I'd cleaned out. I was cutting up his mac and cheese and low and behold I look up to find him asleep! This has happened several times. The only thing I can do is give him some know the Stage 2 or 3 fruit? I have to keep it in the kitchen for days like yesterday. I know it's easy to swallow and he won't choke because he doesn't really chew it. Just mush with his tongue and he doesn't even have to open his eyes.

Which he didn't.

After I managed to give him his fruit, I let him stay in his highchair for a few minutes then took him to the bedroom to change his clothes. He wasn't dirty, so I just got him ready for bed. He slept ALL night long.

Now.....Justin.....he's another story......actually, my next post!

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