Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Littlest "Big Man"

I call my 2 boys "Little Big Man" and my "Littlest Big Man" because they are, in fact, BIG!

Joshua is big framed and tall for almost 2.

Justin is big framed and weighed more than Joshua at birth. Only by 2 more oz, but still he was bigger. AND more active while I was pregnant with him!!


He is very active even at a little over a month old.

He eats somewhat different, but somewhat the same, as Joshua. Justin likes to snack. He'll drink part of his milk and then snooze. I burp him and BOY can he burp. Ain't no dinky burp. Somehow he manages to wake up for me and he may or may not finish his milk. Every now and then he'll spit up, and sometimes he makes a face like he's got a bad taste in his mouth which makes me wonder if he's got reflux.

I love to put him on his back, but he totally prefers sleeping on his side or stomach. I'll put him on his stomach in the daytime only, so I can watch him constantly.

I've heard the term "Cluster feed." Everytime I've read about it, this type of feeding is during nursing. I'm not sure if they consider this a nursing-only type of feeding, but I think this MUST be what he does at night ecen tho he takes a bottle of formula. For some reason, he can't seem to get full. We thought maybe he was fussy because of gas. Well, we gave him mylicon. He was still fussy and bounced his head and mouth off our shoulders and was sucking on his fists.

He drinks about 4 oz, then about 10 minutes later wants more. So we "ounce" him until he finally stops at about 8 oz and then.....he sleeps all night! I don't want to overfeed him and I try to be so careful. But he doesn't get satisfied at night until he reaches about 8-9 oz.

Joshua guzzled down his milk at this age. He only spit up milk 1 time. He didn't even THINK about sleeping until he finished all his milk.

Justin weighed 8 lbs 2 oz at birth, but he now feels like he weighs 12. His shoulders and chest are quite large.

I saw his first smile yesterday. First, as in not with his eyes closed. His eyes were wide open and he smiled a cute little grin. He did it again this morning for me as I was talking to him.

Joshua and Justin are adjusting quite well. At first, we had a problem, but now Josh will come over and put his head on Justin's headand smile. He'll be the first to check on Justin when I say "Lets go check on your brother." Josh goes and climbs on the couch, holds out his hands to hold him. I let him "hold" him. Not really, but a special way. Josh has even started calling him by name.

I HAVE noticed that Josh will at times "copy" what Justin is the way he grunts and fusses around.

I haven't pushed the issue of potty training since Justin was born and now Josh actually seems interested. Yesterday especially.

There is plenty more to say, but mommy duty calls!

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