Friday, January 25, 2008

Powder Anyone??

Ok. I'm not sure what the deal is with the baby powder. Is it just that toddlers love to see the white stuff fly everywhere? I guess.

For a couple of months now, Joshua has been TOTALLY intrigued with the baby powder. You see......silly me always forgets to put the stuff up HIGH enough out of little fingers reach. I've got so much on my brain, that I leave it on the table right beside our bed.

Before I know it, my little man has toddled off. I'm thinking "Oh No." Sure enough, he's gone into "Mommy and Daddy's" bedroom, got hold of the powder and is shaking it like there is no tomorrow!

Out flies powder, powder, powder. All over the floor, all in his HAIR, all over his CLOTHES, all on his face. Did I say all in his HAIR?!?

Then, of all things, I try....try to get on to him for doing that. All he does is look at me guessed it: grins! How do I win?

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