Friday, February 1, 2008

Funny Things!

As parents, it's interesting the things that we end up doing because maybe our brain has a wire coming unravelled only for a moment.

This morning, instead of putting Joshua's oatmeal in a bowl, I accidentally poured it on to a paper towel.

Normally, the paper towel is for the dry cheerios!

I groaned and told my husband what I did. He told me that one morning he was about to pour tea into his cereal bowl instead of milk!

Thank goodness he pours his milk first, THEN his cereal!

I've started to put things that should be in the refrigerator in the cabinet! And vice versa.



It's an interesting life......the life of being a parent to a toddler. The things I find.....oh my....

I've opened the cabinet to the pots and pans only to find part of a pig or cow. Don't be alarmed, it's Joshua's magnets that go on the refrigerator.

Or.....a magnetic letter in the cabinet that holds some form of dining ware!

Or maybe in the middle of the night, I go into the kitchen to fix Justin's bottle and I see some THING in the middle of the floor.

Now, in the dark, you know how you can see a shape but not know what exactly it is? Well, I eased around it hoping it didn't move.

I turned on the light only to find Joshua's green plastic lizard.

Or maybe my husband is walking through and his feet find a hard plastic giraffe! ouch!

Or maybe I go to put on my shoe and find a toy in it or a tube of SOMEthing in it.

hmmmm. I wonder how THAT got there?!

Things are pretty hilarious here at toddlerville!

Yes, I have a newborn, but he can't pull THOSE stunts yet. All he can do is all of a sudden leave me with a warm wet sensation. OK, time to change the diaper! And my clothes!


Joanna said...

This is where you start to lose the ability to speak in full sentences. No don't put (runs to grab item). Put that over (drags kid to where to put it).
You can do it - it's surviving with the ability to speak clearly is the challenge. :)

LeAnne said...

*LOL* Yep, I'm going through a portion of that. And another thing I'm going through is only saying part of a sentence to adults! I'll be in the middle of a sentence, and my oldest fella gets my attention when he almost pulls something off the counter. Then I can't remember what I was trying to tell the adult!