Sunday, February 17, 2008

2nd Birthday Party! Woohoo!!

Joshua had his 2nd birthday party yesterday. Just a few days before his birthday. Saturday was a bit more convenient for everyone than on a Wednesday.

I woke up Saturday morning not feeling that great. One........I had a scratchy throat and felt a bit woozy in the nogin. Second......I had an issue on my mind. One of those family issues that when I wake up in the morning, and it's on my mind, I start stewing. You know how it goes......

I'm thinking God You're gonna have to help me today! It's my baby's birthday party. It HAS to go right.

I tried to do some laundry, etc before my husband went to work. I tried to decorate a little. We were doing a Bob the Builder theme even though I couldn't find the plates, napkins, and cups in an actual store around here! I'd have to order it online and I wasn't going to do that this time.

The only thing Bob the Builder we were going to have was a cake! The napkins, cups, & plates were just going to be blue and the table cloth was yellow. I had streamers of yellow and blue and had those little triangles on a string that had pictures of party hats and sat Happy Birthay! I wrapped that around his highchair and around our dining table.

I had the grandparents coming around 12 noon so I could pull myself together and try to do a few more things.

About 2pm, my husbad called me making sure that I had actually ordered a cake. And do you know where he was calling me from? That grocery store where I placed the order! I think you can guess what was happening. They didn't do a cake! It was in the system, but there was no.physical.cake.


Well, in the meantime, my birthday boy fell asleep with Gram holding him. It starts at 3pm, remember? Well, that's ok.

My husband called me back saying that I'd be seeing a cake landing in my driveway very shortly. They were going to do my cake and deliver it to the house! No charge for the cake or delivery! This was a $26 cake! Even though they didn't have it ready when my hubby arrived at the store, there sure was a nice blessing hidden in there!

So instead of the party starting at 3pm, it started around 4pm.

We grilled hamburgers, had sodas, icecream and cake and it turned out nicely!

After eating, we sat in the living room gathering around my birthday boy. We had balloons all over the floor. Well.....I couldn't take it anymore. I had to start playing volleyball with those non-helium balloons. I kept popping them across to people who just had to knock them back to get them out of their face. It turned out fun!

Joshua got alot of videos! He already has bookoos of toys and clothes so we opted for videos!

Several Barney videos, Thomas the Tank, Handy Manny, and a Bob the Builder video (the lady told me that she'd give him that at church today.) He got some animal books and a wooden train/book set.

Overall, it turned out good. Late, but free, cake and all!

Joshua was exhausted and so was Mommy! Daddy had to put him to bed this time while I lay on the couch with my new little one.

We'll celebrate again on his actual birth day just not in big party form!

So, I'll go for now. It's almost 7am and I could still use another 3 hours sleep. I also need some sinus medicine that won't make me feel like I'm out on Mars or some strange place like that!

Nite, nite.....or is it Good Morning?

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Nicki said...

Oh girl......get you some rest!!! The party sounds like a lot of fun!!! I LOVE my girly's parties, I feel like a little girl all over again!! =)