Friday, February 15, 2008

He graduated today!!

Joshua is REALLY growing up on me. It's great that he's growing, but 'tis also a bit sad! I'd love to keep him a baby.

Anyway, my mother-in-law and I went to the guessed it......Walmart! I was helping her find a birthday present for Joshua.

Along the way, I realized I'd forgotten Joshua's sippy cup. We'd headed out for Walmart right about lunchtime so I knew we'd be grabbing some lunch and Joshua would need something to drink.

Well, I chanced it. I went through the drive-thru, ordered our meals including a bottle of milk for Josh.

hmm. I tested him out to see if he'd drink from the milk bottle. Didn't work. Next thing was the straw. I showed him how to drink from it and told him to suck on it like he did the sippy cup.

TaDA!!!! He caught on!!! He can drink from a straw!! I was so happy for him, cheering him on with him smiling!

I guess that means now he can drink a milkshake! uh-oh........

Before I forget, I had an interesting experience in Walmart.

I was going into the party section at this new Walmart in town hoping to find those Bob the Builder plates and cups that I talked about in a previous post.

Well, of course, in the party supplies are balloons. Well, he started screaming BAWWOOON!! Over and over and over again.

Then he wanted out of the cart. Then he wanted to walk. Then he wanted me to pick him up. Then somewhere along the way when he was standing on the floor, he decided to start pulling, and demanding, then he sunk to the floor. You know how they just go LIMP and you can't do anything with them?

After about 15-20 minutes of this, I told him that if he didn't settle down, I would have to call daddy to come pick him up and take him back home or if I didn't call daddy, Josh would get a spanking when he got home. He settled down.

Is this the beginning of the "terrible 2's? Or was it because "Gram" was with us? He NEVER does that!!

Then we get home and he's a totally different child.


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