Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things I'm Learning.........

It's hard to know how to write this particular entry. I want to keep it real.

Since I've been home on maternity leave, I'm learning alot. Not necessarily about how to keep 2 babies. Yeah, I"m learning that, but I'm learning other things.

I grew up in a very organized home. BUT guess what? I'm not organized. I don't even know how to clean! Which is sad since I"m 35 yrs old. I get so overwhelmed with cleaning. I've always wanted to be here at home with my boys and be a good wife. I want to have supper on the table by around 6pm even after a day of keeping my boys and doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc. It can be a chore.

I've been praying about it lately. Some people seem to be just flat out born with the organizational "gene", but I totally missed out! I asked God to please help me be what I need to be in my family. Help me take care of the house like I need to and help me take care of my husband. I want to give him a "haven" here at home after a hard days work. And it hasn't been for a long time.

It gets so frustrating for him AND me when I can't organize this place. It's hard to keep the laundry down. Hard to keep the bathrooms clean, etc.

I've been reading a blog lately about a lady with her "Three Girly Girlz." I feel like God sent me to her blog. I can SO relate. I'm so blessed after reading her articles. After praying about my housecleaning, I googled one day about how to clean a house. FlyLady. That's what came up. FlyLady. Say what?!

If you are frustrated about how much STUFF is in your home, when you finish reading her website, you'll have a TOTALLY different outlook. Reading it gave me a different side to cleaning and gave me such motivation! I realize now that I"m NOT alone. I'm not weird or have some "syndrome." So many people get frustrated and stressed out with their home and what's in it.

After reading the "Three Girly Girlz," I started giving stuff away. Mainly my clothes. I tried selling some of them on Ebay and guess what? I couldn't sell them and I think I know why. I was trying to depend on selling those clothes to get money when I knew deep down that I probably needed to give them away... But I resisted because "I needed the money."

It took all I had to start pulling clothes to "give" away. Then once I got going, that's all I could do. I kept on and on pulling stuff out. Because somewhere, someone really needed those good clothes.

When I read FlyLady's site, she talked about it. Giving clothes away. She also talked about taking baby steps in cleaning your home. Those baby steps are "blessing" your home. Anything you can clean and any clutter you can get rid, blesses your home. It brings peace.

That's what I want. Peace. Peace for my family.

Go check out those websites here and here.


Nicki said...

Oh girl!! I'm so glad that God is working in your life!! I'm ALSO A HUGE FAN OF FLY LADY!! I am also "organized challenged" =) She's awesome, but she will FILL your e-mail box with TONS of reminders!! It's a good thing though!! I hope things are going well for you today! Much love!!


Joanna said...

I can't even spell organized let alone BE organized!!
I've been doing FLYLADY for the last few months and it does help. Biggest thing - spend 15 minutes and that's it.
And mercy the email box gets over filled!