Monday, July 14, 2008

Night Walker!

Well, if you read my previous post, you'll see that Josh was up with the crickets!

But the next night, he was up. But it was something different.

My husband and I once again fell asleep in the living room. You know....something about a VERY busy day with 2 little men. Sometimes I don't even feel like blinking!

Anyway, we were asleep. Then I heard my little man crying COMING.DOWN.THE.HALL!

"Say wha?!

He never does that. The main reason is that he's kinda blocked in bed with 2 walls, a headboard, and a guard rail. I know it's not really recommended, but he's a VERY active sleeper.

I got up, picked him up, and went back to his room. I asked him what was wrong and he looked at his bed, pointed, and said "Gell."

Fell. Fell off his bed.

There is a gap between the bed rail and the headboard. Normally, I have a big pillow there to keep him from falling off. But he decided to use this very same pillow for what pillows are normally used for. Sleeping on. He had moved the pillow to another part of the bed.

So when he had moved back over to the gap that normally has the pillow, but didn't have one this particular night, he slid off the bed.

Thank goodness we'd prepared the floor for this kind of accident. We pretty much made another bed on the floor by folding up blanket after blanket "just-in-case."

Around this time, Justin wanted his bottle, so I took care of him while my husband tried to get Joshua back to sleep.

Something about Justin drinking his milk makes Joshua want HIS own milk. At 3:30am. My husband didn't want to give him any. Because it was 3:30am.

But when I thought about it, I was actually pretty hungry at 3:30am myself! Hey, it'd been about 9 hours since we'd eaten supper. I could understand him wanting something to eat.

My husband gave in and gave him his milk. Joshua finally drifted off to sleep.

So this makes the 2nd night in a row that we were up. I was still mosying around the house and the kitchen at 5am. I'm thinking I COULD just stay up and get alot of stuff done.

Naa. That thought didn't last long. I ate breakfast instead and went back to sleep!

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