Friday, September 5, 2008

Reminiscing and enjoying today....

Every September in Aiken, SC, I look forward to hearing about the big yahoo up in Aiken's historical section. It's called Aiken's Makin. For years my mom and I would go to that big craft show.

It started out 32 yrs ago out on the sidewalks in front of all the stores in downtown Aiken. After a few years, it moved out into the grassy median. For the life of me, I can't remember if that's spelled right. Anyway, it's alot of grassy area. This craft show takes up about 3-4 good sections of grass.

It started at 9am today and will end tomorrow at 6pm. It's pretty shady and a cool breeze swept by to keep us, well, cool! Thank the Good Lord. I had to park probably a good mile away, but I was in front of a church and it's playground that was full of children playing by the time I finished looking.

My mom and I went there for years, and then it got to be a chore because when they moved it into the middle, it got a little crowded especially when strollers were going through. And then there was everyone who'd stop right in the middle and it was hard to get by. I know I used to get irritated. But not anymore. Cause you know what? I got a double stroller! And I have to stop smack in the middle sometimes. And Aiken's Makin' is not just for the ladies and gentlemen who are looking for Christmas items, or food, or jewelry to perk up their outfits, but it's for the tired mamma who doesn't know anything other than running to WalMart and then going to the dump. There is where you see everybody and their brother, and sometimes people's cousins who you might not really want to see.

It was for me. I actually put on a cute pair of jeans and a stylish shirt, made sure I had on a little more makeup than usual, and me and the boys headed down through this wonderland. There were all kinds of smells that I don't get to smell very often. All of the food vendors: Checkers (hamburgers), icecream, funnel cakes, hotdogs! Everything that smells like a fair when put all together. And yes, none of it is good for me. And no, I didn't buy any of that. But I needed to SMELL!

The only thing I bought was food from the Mennonite ladies. Sourdough bread, chocolate chip cookies, etc.

My boys were complete angels! Justin sat in the front with Joshua behind. No, you don't see it that way very much, but I found out that when I put Justin in the back, although he was buckled in, he leaned WAY up and was close to coming out. So in the front, he is buckled and has a tray to make sure he's held in. Joshua just chilled out in the back. They both had shades over their heads. So you couldn't ask for anything better.

It was a nice mamma's day out. Actually, a couple of hours out. I got back in time for them to get a good nap.

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