Friday, March 2, 2007

It was a bad storm, but he slept through it!

Well, we just had the first huge storm for the year last night. REALLY bad wind, rain, lightning. A tornado warning was issued.

Joshua fell asleep around 8:30pm and my husband and I were heading toward sleep around 11:00pm when the phone rang. We got word that the strong storm system was on its way and should arrive by 11:50pm. So I started praying. The storm was pretty much on time but we still managed to fall asleep. Then around 2am, I woke up and noticed the baby monitor wasn't on. Oh boy..... no power! My husband got up, got dressed, grabbed a flashlight and pulled some "necessary" items such as the diaper bag, bottles, food, my purse, money, into one area - the closet! Through all the commotion and no CD playing like usual in Joshua's room, he slept through every bit of it. But we were prepared and prayed up in case we all had to go into the walk-in closet. We never had to. The storm died down. The only time Joshua cried was during his normal sleep stage change but he went right back to sleep!

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